Case Studies

Some of the amazing projects we have completed.

Behind the Survey: Overcoming River Risks

Storm Overcome Urban Survey Safety Challenges

Collaborative Challenges: Surveying Success

A recent project in Somerset of a multifaceted area requiring intricate planning and design interventions.

Tackling Spring Vegetation for Flood Risk Data

Springtime vegetation proves testing for Storm Surveyors but experience & training shines through.

Mastering Land Access: Storm Geomatics Leads the Charge

When undertaking a river survey the importance of land access cannot be overstated.

Pipeline Bathymetric Survey

Installation of syphon pipe into Gouthwaite Reservoir, Yorkshire

Bathymetric Survey provides New Bridge for Residents

Digital terrain model of the riverbed.

River Bain Bashed by Storm Babet

Storm surveyors assess and record damage to river embankments caused by Storm Babet.

RiverEye goes North on Beaver Patrol

In February Storm’s specialist survey team completed their fourth visit to Scotland to carry out further investigation surveys for the RiverEye project. Storm are working in partnership with JBA Consulting.

Bristol Canal Regeneration- A Bathymetric Survey

Storm Geomatics carried out a bathymetric survey of the Bristol canal as the area is due to be regenerated in the near future. 

River Test’s Digital Twin – What’s The Story?

Completion of River Digital Twin for River Test is near completion as surveyors return to site.

RPAS Team Return to River Test

Storm RPAS team returned to Lower River Test Nature Reserve to capture data without dense summer vegetation.

Topographic Surveys Kick off Regeneration Project

Storm Geomatics undertake Channel and Topographic surveys to assist in planning of regeneration project for Bristol City Council

Bathymetric Survey of Ponds To Investigate Overspill

Storm Geomatics deployed to survey a collection of ponds to assist as to why the water was not properly soaking away, causing a breach of the northern bank and discharge onto the adjacent rail line.

Storm Babet, Surveyors Record Vital Flood Levels

Storm Geomatics were contracted record the height of the peak flood water from flooding, caused by Storm Babet.

Winter Conditions Challenge Surveyors on Local River Avon Survey

A local survey for Storm, carrying out  a check survey on the River Avon from Kenilworth to Leamington Spa.

 Best of Both Worlds? Combining Remoted Piloted Aircraft (RPA) LiDAR and Traditional Topographic Survey Methods.

Monitoring Reservoirs in Wiltshire

Collaborative Topographical Surveys

Storm undertook a topographical survey in Bodmin, Cornwall to assess the connectivity between the Warleggan river and the adjacent reservoir.

Tough Terrain No Match For Storm

River Condition Assessment on the Warleggan Leat, Bodmin

An Interesting Application of Geospatial Technology in Sport

Outside of our usual water based surveys Storm often support the local community providing our knowledge when asked. One is example is using geospatial technology to set out rugby pitches for the new season.

Yorkshire Lakes Undergo Volumetric Calculations

In July 2023, a bathymetric survey was instructed by JBA consultancy working on behalf of Forestry England. Four Lakes situated within the North York Moors National Park and three within Dalby Forest.

Surveying the River Lee for Improved Ecology

Storm combine different survey techniques to provide critical data for river improvements.

River Condition Assessment for Bridge Design.

This is a fascinating case study showing how our surveyors physically assess a river and use the MoRPh survey algorithms to inform scenarios that improve river condition even after the negative impact of the construction of a bridge.

Collaboration to Aid Flooded Anglesey Residents

This project was contracted by Storm’s long-standing client Waterco on behalf of the Isle of Anglesey Council to investigate flooding that had occurred (and is still occurring) the properties in the village of Benllech, Anglesey.

Storm Surveyors Excel in Sub Zero Temperatures

Storm Geomatics’ survey of Bromham Brook near Stagsden was conducted during December 2022, for SWECO UK Ltd, to determine the flood risk of areas adjacent to the brook.

Pipeline Crossing Surveys

Storm Geomatics were tasked with tracing fuel pipelines at various locations across the country from Gatwick to Bristol where the pipelines cross rivers for an international client.

Combined survey techniques bring rich data on the River Avon

In late 2022, Storm Geomatics were asked by their client Atkins Global to carry out a bathymetric survey up and down stream of a site on the River Avon in Chippenham, Wilshire.

Why the geospatial profession is critical to saving planet Earth

Our home, planet earth, is dying. It is difficult to avoid hearing this statement if you read the papers or watch television.

Minsmere and Yox Model Survey to Assess Flood Risk

This watercourse survey was conducted on behalf of the Environment Agency through Storm’s long standing client JBA Consulting Limited during Autumn 2022.

River Stour Survey VLOGs

Check out the VLOG series of the River Stour survey project here.

River Ryburn

In August 2022, the survey was instructed by a consultancy working on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

Lower Witham

Between January and April 2022 Storm Geomatics were commissioned to Survey the Lower Witham area in Lincolnshire.

Collaboration and determination on the River Irwell

In late 2021 Storm Geomatics visited the site of Springwater Park, Bury, to assess a potential monitoring survey for a vegetated area of the park suffering bank slippage.

Rhondda Valley Project

Between July and November 2021, Storm Geomatics undertook a survey in the Rhondda Valley for Natural Resources Wales on behalf of engineering consultancy ARUP.

Shallow Waters for Storm GeoSwath 1 Interferometric Sonar

In early spring 2021 Storm Geomatics were approached by an existing client to carry out topographic & bathymetric surveys on the River Aire at Newlay to provide information for asset recovery works.

Using Hydraulic Modelling

Using hydraulic modelling to evaluate the change in risk of flooding as a result of constructing the Lower Thames Crossing.

Flood risk assessment commissioned

Flood risk assessment commissioned to tackle Tregarons wet history; surveyed in seven days by Storm Geomatics.

Higher accuracy flood zones on the way

Higher accuracy flood zones on the way for River Bela catchment!

Afon Hirnant – Thinking Outside the Box

One of Storms regular customers had been commissioned to design a fish pass at Pont Y Ceunant on the Afon Hirnant and develop a hydraulic model to assess flood risk of the the proposed options.

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