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River Bain Bashed by Storm Babet


The Background

February 2024
Bridgeway Consulting

Storm Geomatics, contracted by Bridgeway Consulting for Jackson Civils, assessed damage to Environment Agency flood embankments caused by Storm Babet in Autumn 2023. Initial focus was in the Tumby area along the River Bain, Lincolnshire, with a significant breach resulting in flooding of the adjacent quarry. Survey deliverables were required to encompass comprehensive topographic/bathymetric surveys and cross sections every 10m to support repair design work.


The Challenge

Numerous challenges arose at the site for the survey team. The fast-flowing water necessitated the use of a boat, although navigating was hindered by debris such as fallen trees and vegetation.  Using their safety knowledge Storm used the third team member as a  banksman to aid in identifying submerged obstacles. Additionally, the riverbanks were undercut by the flood, posing safety risks. Contactless measurements were used in unstable areas where direct access was unsafe.


The Results

The final deliverables included a comprehensive topographic survey of the damaged zone, extending approximately 50m upstream and downstream of the breach. A 3D model was generated from this data, highlighting the damage extent. Moreover, cross sections, a long section, and a location plan were provided as part of the deliverables in the desired output format requested by the client.

“This project is an excellent example of our collaborative work with other geomatics professionals to provide data that will allow our partners to create remedial work solutions for flood damaged areas.”
- Josh Humphriss

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