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Storm Surveyors Excel in Sub Zero Temperatures


The Background

December 2022

Storm Geomatics’ survey of Bromham Brook near Stagsden was conducted during December 2022, for SWECO UK Ltd, to determine the flood risk of areas adjacent to the brook. The client provided cross sections of the brook, both open channels and structures to be surveyed however Storm Geomatics identified an additional 8 structures which it was agreed upon would also be surveyed. The cross-section locations were chosen to collect the necessary data for a proposed expansion to a water treatment facility situated within Bedfordshire Golf Club’s boundary. All access was agreed by landowners prior to work starting, with most of the work undertaken being along the golf course boundary.


The Challenge

Multiple survey teams worked on site for the survey, including a team led by a Senior Surveyor who oversaw and managed the project overall. Being a typical cross section channel survey traditional survey methods using a total station, GPS controller and prism were used.  It was fundamental that the job was conducted efficiently and timely especially in the short December days where the temperature dropped as low as -7°C . Great care was taken to ensure surveyors had appropriate PPE for the conditions and that traveling to and from site was safely conducted.

All attempts were made to complete the specified cross sections, however areas where it was not possible to do so, for example areas with overly dense vegetation, a cross section was surveyed at the nearest possible chainage to collect as much relevant data as possible.


The Results

The survey was completed without issue and all landowners were very accommodating to our surveyors. The survey deliverables were processed using GeoRiver® software and exported to Flood Modeller Pro at our client’s request. In addition, the team supplied the data in the data rich EACSD format.

“The project was conducted efficiently and safely in the short December month where temperatures dropped as low as -7°C. Although collecting the data was cold and finger numbing, the processing of the data using GeoRiver made this part of the project speedy and was within the hands of our clients in no time!”
- Tom Atkinson
Senior Surveyor

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