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Winter Conditions Challenge Surveyors on Local River Avon Survey


The Background

December 2023
Warwickshire County Council

This project was a local survey for Storm. It consisted of carrying out  a check survey on 10 sections, 5 open channels and 5 structure sections on the River Avon as part an update on previous surveys which were 25-30 years old. This data will improve the modelling to better reflect current site conditions in Warwickshire from Kenilworth to Leamington Spa.



This project had been delayed on multiple occasions due to the rising water levels making it too hazardous to complete any survey work within the river channel  even with the use of a boat. As a result, Storm kept an eye on local river gauges, waiting for the levels to fall back to a safe height to work.

Once work started, water levels slowly rose meaning surveyors had to work fast to complete the sections before it became a hazard to the survey team. Furthermore, the flow of the river was increasingly fast making it unsafe for anything other than a boat, which in turn meant navigating upstream was slow going, not to mention any potential debris in the river.

To combat this, surveyors  began by driving the survey boat to the most upstream point of the site to ensure surveyors would move downstream at greater ease. With regards to debris, one of the three boat team was on lookout on the bow of the boat to sight and help with navigating around any potential obstacles.



Site work was completed ahead of the two site days scheduled leaving extra time to process and refine the data which was delivered before the Christmas break.


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