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A team of Storm Geomatics Surveyors had an unusual discovery while surveying one of the lakes on the Harewood Estate… a Shotgun was found lying amongst the silt! The surveyors safely handed the pump action Shotgun over to the security at the Harewood estate who suggested that the gun no longer complied with shotgun law and was classed as a section 1 firearm as the magazine is capable of holding more than two cartridges. Fortunately the surveyor who found the firearm has grown up with shotguns and knew how to handle the gun safely – even though the gun had been submerged for a long time, it was still treated as loaded and live. You can’t hide anything in rivers or lakes if Storm Geomatics are about!

Every month Storm Geomatics have a Twitter award for the employee with the best tweets, retweets and new followers. This competition is sponsored by Lecia Geosystems who have donated prizes and a Twitter Trophy! Mark was the first surveyor to hold the prestigious trophy – follow Mark on Twitter @MarkMcCSG to keep up to date and find out who he hands over his trophy to next month.

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