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Raiders on a lost cause


Following a break-in to the new premises at Storms Shipston Office, the company has increased their security tenfold. [nbsp]The five hooded robbers (one of them in photo) stole a few power tools and televisions, as a result all of Storms surveying kit and peripheral tools have been painted with Smartwater. [nbsp]This identifies all the equipment with the location of the office at Shipston, so should it fall into the wrong hands and be recovered it will find its way back to its rightful place. [nbsp]It could also pin the theft on the robbers that stole the equipment which is perhaps more important than getting the stolen goods back. [nbsp]With an alarm system that links directly to the police and a local security company and a building that will fill with dense fog during a break-in – the surveyors at Storm are extra cautious entering the building even in an authorised manner!

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