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R&D workshop in full use


Our River Surveyors have been utilising their new R[&]D workshop at the new headquarters to improve their data collection platforms to produce higher quality results. New vibration free brackets have been made for the aluminium boats to mount echo sounder transducers, GNSS equipment and loggers. This improvement has been made to all three of our aluminium survey vessels.

The surveyors have also created a portable platform for a Ground Penetrating Radar sensor that can be used to survey beneath the bed levels of rivers and ponds to identify objects buried in the silt. This is being trialled at the moment to assist with an archaeological survey that could potentially reveal artefacts from the Neolithic period. This discovery would be a significant find. Archaeologists have already found bones from what are believed to be an aurochsen which is a kind of large prehistoric cow of which would feed up to 200 people! Storm Geomatics are extremely pleased to be part of this exciting project and are working hard to find and test sensors that could reveal the way we lived 4000 years BC!

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