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Leica VIVA gear


Storm Geomatics have completed a relatively smooth transition from the Leica 1200 equipment to the new Leica VIVA gear. With good support from the manufacturer on the configuration of the equipment the survey teams were up and running in no time. The new kit has been used on a variety of projects already this year, one of which was a volumetric survey of an 8.5 acre lake. The kit was coupled up with the single beam echo sounder to capture over 800 bed levels of the former quarry pit, producing a highly accurate model of the lake, thus returning a volume calculation with good integrity.

Surveyors have carried out a lot of work on the railways this month with ten bridges being surveyed for scour protection in Cumbria and a railway embankment being surveyed in North Wales. Surveys of this nature are crucial to the railway infrastructure in alleviating flooding problems and predicting possible structure failures.

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