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Autumn has been mercifully dry this year, so as the frozen mornings have set in, Storm Geomatics have been getting stuck in tackling projects all across the UK

A two man team successfully completed a large project along a sensitive reach of the River Itchen, Southampton.[nbsp] Although the physicality’s of completing our comprehensive river surveys are never simple, careful consideration was needed for this project; the majority of the watercourses featured SSSI riparian zones, plus disturbance to the channel itself had to be minimised due to the Salmon, Trout, Grayling fishing.[nbsp] Nonetheless, by following ecological guidelines, and the wishes of various land owners, the entire project, consisting of some 250 cross sections over the 17 watercourses, was completed on schedule.

Storm were called back to Isle of Man again this year, this time to work on the River Sulby [nbsp]The stunning valleys are filled with a huge volume of glacial gravel and stones, the movement of which is monitored to aid land management and downstream development.[nbsp] River dynamics are usually tracked by comparing repeat surveys – in this instance our team were tasked with completing two large area topographic surveys alongside the channel survey to provide a greater level of detail for the modellers to work with.[nbsp] Threshold levels along a newly installed defence wall were accurately surveyed too, verifying its protection to the houses behind.[nbsp] Thanks to the team for the completed project and the post-work mountain biking, our Isle of Man survey projects continue to be both enjoyable and successful.

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