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Trackside drainage systems


Trackside drainage systems in various parts of the north east of England have become inadequate to cope with recent storm water run off. Surveyors have been creating base plan drawings of the drainage systems and their relevant features so engineers can assess and upgrade the system to become 100% efficient.

Flooding on Bedale Beck in North Yorkshire has been a problem to local residents in recent years. Storm Geomatics have surveyed relevant features on the Beck from the confluence with the River Swale to 5km upstream. Surveyors provided a Hec-Ras model to hydraulic engineers who will use it to simulate rainfall and provide schemes to alleviate the flooding problem.

Surveyors were involved in a research and development project for the Environment Agency on the Hinksey Stream, South Hinksey, Oxfordshire. Heavy silt lies on the bed of the stream and surveyors have captured the depth of the silt at 10m spacings over the survey length. This data provides dredging engineers with a base plan to evaluate the benefits of dredging this stream and how much material is likely to be taken out and at what cost. The stream will be monitored closely in the future to assess the cost to benefit ratio of dredging this particular type of watercourse.

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