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The UK’s largest remediation project


A boat team mobilised in Chesterfield to carry out a bathymetric survey of a settling pond at the former Avenue Coking Works at Wingerworth.[nbsp] Wingerworth was one of the most contaminated sites in Europe and is thought to be the UK’s biggest and most complex remediation project.[nbsp] Opened in 1956 as well as producing millions of tonnes of smokeless solid fuel, the plant created by-products such as benzole, tar and sulphuric acid.[nbsp] In 1992 it closed and the works lay disused until East Midlands Development Agency started dismantling the plant and cleaning the site in 1999.

Our team successfully completed a hard and soft bed bathymetric survey on one of the settlement ponds using our 10ft aluminium work boat and a total station. [nbsp]The boat was carefully cleaned and disinfected after surveying the pond to comply with Storm’s bio-security ethics. [nbsp]Storm worked with another company who were surveying the dry areas of the coking works and ensured that the bathymetric survey was on the same coordinate system as the “dry” topographic detail so that the two areas of data could be seamlessly merged. [nbsp]This is one example of many joint ventures with other survey companies as Storm becomes further recognised as the “go to” company for water based projects.

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