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Bathymetric Survey For McCains Food Processing


This month surveyors undertook a bathymetric survey for McCains Food Processing in Peterborough. The data from the survey of the gravel pit lake (pictured), adjacent to the McCains factory, is to be used in a feasibility study for the use of the water as a coolant via a heat exchange system within the factory. The bed levels were recorded using an Ohmex single frequency echo sounder synchronised to a GNSS controller, meanwhile temperatures were logged using a depth and pressure sensor more commonly used for tagging sharks!

Surveyors also spent four days surveying hard and soft bed levels of Barlings Eau in Lincolnshire. The purpose of the survey was to assess the current silt levels within Barlings Eau in order to compare the results to a previous survey in 1998. It was believed that high silt levels between the pumping station and the Old River Witham were affecting the performance of the Short Ferry Pumping Station. However survey teams reported there to be very little silt in the Old River Witham apart from at the confluence with Barlings Eau.

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