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A vision without a strategy remains an illusion


Every six months the Storm team sit down together and discuss the direction the company should be going in and how to improve and grow their service. Important decisions are made and actioned on the day. At December’s strategic day there was a presentation on time management where the team learnt new skills to become more efficient. Storm’s Survey manager Mark Kieras did a presentation on scheduling resources which developed into an open discussion on the very complex subject. Everyone had the opportunity to make a difference to the company by suggesting changes for the better. This is always a day that the whole team enjoys, especially as it normally finishes with a party!

The Survey Association put on its first ever Inshore Hydrographic Survey course in December which was well attended. The course was run by Ed Danson who is a hugely respected surveyor in Geodesy, Land and Hydrography. The course covered the many different bodies of water found around the coast and inland and presented the different challenges a surveyor will face when capturing the very valuable geospatial data. The course explained the different survey sensors and how they could be applied to the varying water bodies and an overview on how you might process the data into a format that is desired by an engineer. [nbsp]Storm director Anthony Pritchard presented GeoRiver® to delegates and gave hands on experience on how to turn hard XYZ code data into valuable hydraulic modelling formats.

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