August in the South West Office

One of the most exciting training courses

One of the most exciting training courses for a river surveyor is when they go for their powerboat training.  This usually takes place in Bristol over 2 days.  The surveyors have obtained Coastal Powerboat Level 2 which includes close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed and collision regulations amongst many other things.  This ensures the surveyors are self-sufficient power boaters who are aware of their own limitations and those of the boats.

Storm Geomatics south-west were commissioned to survey Chalgrove Brook and associated tributaries linked to the watercourse in order to build a hydraulic model to assess flooding issues in the village of Chalgrove.  The survey was in Oxfordshire over a length of 10 kilometres and involved installing 4 control stations, surveying 265 cross sections over 15 different watercourses.  Storm surveyed 4 redundant mills, weirs, bridges and open channels.  With one of the driest summers for decades it made surveying easy as water levels were consistently low.  There were a few challenges to overcome such as dense vegetation.  Now all site work is complete the processing is in full swing in the Bristol office, all data is processed using GeoRiver® which has made compiling the vast amount of survey data easily manageable.  Storms Bristol office have a busy schedule full of a variety of projects and challenges and are eager to hear from clients that have rivers to survey.






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