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Storm’s management team collaborated and have now reviewed the company statement. Defining in one sentence who they are and what they do: Measurement experts who use innovation to understand river functions and provide knowledge to inform projects that reduce flooding and improve natural habitats.

Expanding their core services with the introduction of the Phosphate Testing Service and also the River Condition Assessment service has led to Storm expanding their workforce and embarking on a recruitment campaign in earnest throughout the winter 2021/22. Each new member is carefully selected when an individual demonstrates an aptitude embracing Storm’s objectives. Each recruit to the team will assist in the mission to reduce flooding and improve natural habitats through their training and personal growth.

During February the new Tridrone unmanned survey vessel has been put through its paces on the River Tees project. This river is wide and shallow but fast flowing offering a challenge to Senior Surveyor Toby Moyse and his team. It was not possible to safely wade or float tube in some areas due to the river being wide and fast flowing. A boat may be an obvious choice however it is too shallow to launch and operate and the riverbanks are only accessible on foot.[nbsp][nbsp]

This was a perfect first opportunity to mobilise the new Seafloor Systems TriDrone, a single beam echo sounding USV which can operate in waters with a minimum depth of 300mm. The survey has been going really well and the team have mastered the surveying technique to get the best out of the TriDrone enabling the capture of accurate survey data in what are normally inaccessible locations.[nbsp]The tri-hull design makes the boat stable whilst being highly manoeuvrable.[nbsp]

The TriDrone has been designed to be light and small, which has allowed our surveyors to carry the USV along with our other surveying equipment on foot between sections. This has given our team the flexibility to wade sections when it is shallow enough and then quickly mobilise the USV when it is too deep and fast flowing.[nbsp]

Storm have begun a companywide sustainability overhaul with full support from all the team. The company vehicle fleet has begun the phasing out of derv/petrol cars to be replaced by electric or hybrid vehicles. Storm will be displaying the results of the sustainability overhaul as soon as differences start to improve their carbon footprint and they make inroads into their net zero target.[nbsp]

Don’t forget – All the wet and wild adventures from Storm can be viewed via our LinkedIn page @Storm Geomatics Limited and our other social media channels. Twitter @stormgeomatics Instagram @stormgeomatics1

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November 2022

Storm’s collaboration with JBA Consulting took the team to Scotland to run site trials for the CivTech Accelerator challenge.

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