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GeoRiver 1.5.9


In Storms mission to reduce flooding on a global scale they feel they have made a breakthrough. There is a real buzz around the company at the moment as pockets of excitement are released from our GeoRiver Alpha testers for version 1.5.9. This version is targeted to be released in late September and is set to change the way river model preparation is performed. GeoRiver has broken new boundaries in gathering source data and wholly transferring it into proprietary hydraulic modelling software such as Flood Modeller Pro, Tuflow and Hec-Ras. Mike Hopkins managing director says “The full digital transfer of source river data into hydraulic modelling packages will create huge savings to companies undertaking this work; which in turn will make flood defence budgets go further and therefore ultimately reduce the misery of flooding for many more people.” Watch this space to see how the release becomes a game changer.

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November 2022

Storm’s collaboration with JBA Consulting took the team to Scotland to run site trials for the CivTech Accelerator challenge.

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