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After months of preparation, consultations and re-organisation Storm Geomatics have attained the very distinctive Achilles Linkup membership. An audit of the company procedures, management systems and health [&] safety was performed in October and revealed only a few small gaps in the robust systems that Storm Geomatics operate under. The gaps were filled by appointing a specialist advisor from the rail industry to oversee all Storm Geomatics rail management systems for the next twelve months. Mike Hopkins Managing Director said “Membership of Achilles Linkup through a core audit has proved the strength of our management systems not only in rail but for all our other surveying operations. Achilles Linkup will open doors for the business and allow us to work collaboratively within the rail industry across a number of different buyers. We currently have a diligent team of rail qualified surveyors of which eight hold the PTS certificate and one is a COSS. We are finding more and more demand for our services as pressure to improve the rail infrastructure increases. Our surveyors are experienced in all aspects of trackside work and produce excellent results even in the most demanding conditions. Achilles Linkup will keep us on track to consistently supply deliverables safely and to the very highest standards.”

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