Safety first - data later.

Working in any environment presents its risks, but working in water carries different risks with high consequences. In order to reduce the likelihood and severity of an accident our survey teams take the DEFRA Module 2 Water Awareness Course. This training is done repeatedly for our staff in genuine river conditions – often in January! Our management system tracks our surveyors training and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ensuring that our surveyors are as safe as possible.

Staff are also trained using the Royal Yacht Association courses for First Aid and Boat Handling. Private instruction on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Scrambling, Wading, Rope work and Rescue is provided to all staff.

Only trained staff are put into situations with risk, and even then they will only carry out the task if they feel fully confident that the correct control measures are in place.

We have a twelve year history of safe working and have a motto of “Safety First – Data Later”