Flash Floods & Surface Water Run-off

Flash flooding occurs when heavy rain falls on saturated ground. The rain runs across the surface of the terrain and collects at the lowest points. Drainage systems take water away from low lying areas; however they may be inundated with water thus becoming ineffective. Storm Geomatics provide accurate, hand-picked terrain data using RTK GNSS to represent the topography of the ground. This has been used in both rural and urban areas to produce 3D models for surface water run-off analysis.

Storm Geomatics also own a terrestrial laser scanner with a 1km range that creates point clouds of topographic information. Point clouds can be delivered either raw in the client’s specified format or simplified to create 3D surface models of CAD objects.

Storm Geomatics also survey networks of drainage systems, manholes are lifted and measured to provide pipe sizes and invert levels, which is essential information when providing a flash flood analysis. Our surveyors realise the importance of LEVEL when it comes to the mechanics of water and extra care is taken when providing every single height value.

In order to solve problems of flash flooding, attention to detail is required and it is worth using the services of a well trained and experienced surveyor to hand pick the critical points on a surface to reveal where the problem lies.