This is our core activity, providing data to client's specifications. Our surveyors have surveyed and produced thousands of river cross sections on a huge variety of watercourses. Where a feature of hydraulic significance is present, it will either be surveyed and delivered or reported to the client as a possible extension to the scope of work. Having river modelling knowledge is invaluable during the data capture stage – it considerably improves the integrity of the final model results.

River model data is available in Hec-Ras, ISIS, Tuflow and MIKE11. Our survey data is processed using our own Storm GeoRiver processing software which consistently produces river survey deliverables efficiently and accurately – assuring the best quality survey data. Bathymetric surveys of watercourses are also undertaken, providing more detailed river bed level information. This information is used to form a 3D model of the river, and can be fully rendered to show the bed levels in different colours. Projects undertaken range from small flood risk assessments to large catchment models. Watercourses of all characteristics can be surveyed, from small streams to ship canals.

Here is our leaflet we hand out to home owners when surveying in their area: Leaflet


Always use a survey company with a proven track record of providing river survey data – it is a difficult and dangerous survey environment and needs an experienced survey team to deliver the data safely and in completeness.