Mike Hopkins


Mike is Managing Director and co-founder of Storm Geomatics.  With a long and uninterrupted career in the management of river surveyors and data, Mike has a deep understanding of geospatial information capture, processing and presentation. 

Mike is driving the company to supply a higher level of information to its customers so their project outcomes can stand more confidently in the context that they lie.  Mike sees the company’s sustainability correlating to its growth.  Growth allows higher investment in new technology which offers efficiencies and therefore value to Storm’s customers. 

Mike focuses equally on investment in software development in order to convert new, higher value survey data into workable files for professional water engineers.  Storms mission has come from Mike’s vision is to create a team of measurement experts who use innovation to understand river functions and provide knowledge to inform projects that reduce flooding and improve natural habitats, a mission that is well under way now and already meeting its objectives on varying scales.

Storm isn’t a company that keeps its innovations secret, it likes to share them so that its mission can be realised sooner, this is a challenging thought process in business but one Mike believes strongly in.  With Mike at the helm you know that your project is going to arrive safely at the right destination and probably carrying cargo which enriches the journey!