Advanced Technologies

Survey kit has advanced very quickly in the last ten years, and is expected to improve exponentially in the next decade. This is continually allowing a greater spectrum of survey tasks to become more and more financially viable. This opens up opportunities for surveyors and engineers to work more accurately over wider areas providing solutions that were once either not possible, or were derived from assumptions.

Storm Geomatics has invested in the Leica Viva range of equipment, which integrates data capture between different survey instruments and has the most up to date technologies on board. Once the data is captured, a smooth transition into final client deliverables is achieved using specialist software, such as Carlson Survey and our own in-house software GeoRiver.  We are particularly interested in collaborating with water professionals who seek a common data code across all water attributes - we believe that this needs to be established to leverage the power of the rising capabilities of technology and would like to be part of it. After all; data is born at Storm Geomatics and it would be nice to get the opportunity to name it and teach it to walk!

If you would like to talk about how we capture the shape and character of rivers and lakes right now and in the future then please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.