Meet the Team

Mike Hopkins MCInstCES

01608 664910


Mike is Managing Director and co-founder of Storm Geomatics.  With a long and uninterrupted career in the management of river surveyors and data, Mike has a deep understanding of geospatial information capture, processing and presentation.  Mike is driving the company to supply a higher level of information to its customers so their project outcomes can stand more confidently in the context that they lie.  Mike sees the company's sustainability correlating to its growth.  Growth allows higher investment in new technology which offers efficiencies and therefore value to Storm's customers.  Mike focuses equally on investment in software development in order to convert new, higher value survey data into workable files for professional water engineers.  Storms mission has come from Mike's vision to reduce flooding across the globe through measurement, understanding and innovation, a mission that is well under way now and already meeting its objectives on varying scales. Storm isn't a company that keeps its innovations secret, it likes to share them so that its mission can be realised sooner, this is a challenging thought process in business but one Mike believes strongly in.  With Mike at the helm you know that your project is going to arrive safely at the right destination and probably carrying cargo which enriches the journey!

Anthony Pritchard MCInstCES AssocRICS

01608 664910


Anthony is the Operations Director and co-founder of Storm Geomatics.  With over 20 years of experience conducting and managing surveys in and around water he is well placed to ensure you get everything and more from your survey procurement.  Anthony's focus is on the quality of all data delivered by Storm Geomatics, this is not only about accuracy and precision but whether the data is fit for its intended purpose and has the client received the best use of their budget.  Anthony prides himself on the performance and knowledge of the survey teams regarding data capture, presentation and most importantly health and safety. Anthony believes the Storm Geomatics survey teams have unrivalled knowledge within the riverine and still water environment which allows the engineers to create solutions of the highest integrity.  Anthony also leads the technical development of the company's river channel processing software GeoRiver which is leading the way in this field.

Mark Kieras MSc, MCInstCES, CGeog, FRGS, MIET

01608 664910


Mark, our survey manager has a wealth of experience in geospatial sciences. For over 25 years, Mark has been directly involved in Geodetic survey (including GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing), where he has proven to be an exceptional and approachable manager with the flexibility to develop new ideas, equipment and working practices, whilst still remaining focused on excellence and efficiency. With a career staring in the British Army, Mark’s professionalism is infectious, striving to do the best in all that he does. He is an advocate for personal and professional development and is always looking to innovate so to improve efficiency, quality and accuracy. Mark’s unparalleled experience is underpinned by strong academic qualifications including a Master's degree in Engineering Surveying along with membership to a number of professional bodies.

Mark McCafferty BSc (Hons) MCInstCES

01608 664910


Mark McCafferty, our Tender manager and senior surveyor has over 7 years’ experience working in the riverine and water environment and has risen through Storm Geomatics since graduating with a BSc Physical Geography Degree in 2014. Mark has been involved in surveys of all natures undertaken by Storm Geomatics and has a wide variety of experience in undertaking and managing these surveys. Marks attention to detail and professionalism can be found in every aspect of his work and he is especially focused on ensuring clients receive the very best service and deliverables for their projects. Mark is very enthusiastic about driving forward the efficiency and expertise within Storm Geomatics through the use of state-of-the-art surveying equipment and techniques. Marks’ technical and management skills are underpinned with full membership of the Chartered institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Survey Team

Senior Surveyors

Jon Teall BSc (Hons)  
Steve Drew MCInstCES  
Toby Moyse BSc (Hons) MCInstCES  


Tom Atkinson BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Laurence Washbrook BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Matthew Maddalena BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Sam Dexter BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  

Junior Surveyors

Anthony Jarrett BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Jack Crompton BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Alex Lyall BSc (Hons) GCInstCES  
Joshua Humphriss Apprenticeship  

Assistant Surveyors

Jon Tanner MSc BSc GCInstCES  
Saul Bolton    
Peter Staley    
Oliver Manston MEng (Hons) GMICE  
Samuel Jolliffe BSc  

Software Developers

Nethra Viswanathan MSc BEg

Admin Team

Polly Hopkins - Company Secretary    01608 664910  

Polly has worked at Storm Geomatics since day one. Woking closely with our accountants Polly facilitates our management accounts, payroll and day to day book keeping. Constantly striving to improve systems and ensure key decisions can be based on real time accounting keeps Polly very busy! From these accounts the directors can make critical decisions on investment and progress of Storm Geomatics benefitting our clients and staff with innovation and accuracy.

Britt Hounslow - Office/IMS Manager   01608 664910  

Britt is a plate spinner extraordinaire! Responsible for all things that make Storm Geomatics operate on a day to day basis from managing our vehicle fleet to booking essential training. One of Britt’s main responsibilities is the management of our Integrated Management System and UVDB Accreditation.