Our mission

Storm Geomatics

Where hydraulic engineers can collaborate with water trained surveyors to discuss their projects to obtain optimum geospatial data for modelling solutions. Storm provide an unrivalled solution for inland water based survey through surveying expertise and innovation of survey systems, therefore adding value to clients projects with high integrity data which goes on to inform environmental and engineering solutions that will hold fast with climate change and increased flooding.


Where surveyors and engineers can process, learn and streamline their data production through river model preparation software. Be customer centric by empathising with our customer’s problems and solving them through accurate and unbiased software development which creates advanced data of a higher integrity. GeoRiver® makes model data and hydraulic modelling more affordable across more applications and therefore modelling becomes a more mainstream exercise for surveyors and engineers alike.

Storm Geoswath

A unique surveying vessel that provides hydraulic engineers with data capture beyond current survey methods in one solution. The capability produces high resolution geospatial data beneath the waterline to provide certainty in river bed/bank topography for engineers in the design process. Providing greater accuracy and more detail with each survey.