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Mike Hopkins – Managing Director volunteered a team of surveyors to help The Salmon [&] Trout Association measure the 2010 UK Fly Casting Championships at the CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. This presented a big challenge to the surveyors and proved that Storm Geomatics can measure just about anything in any environment under all sorts of pressure. This is the first time a modern approach to measuring the UK fly casting competitions has been put into practice. Mike developed an optical system that quickly pinpoints the fly position on landing and compares it to another coordinated position at the fly casters feet; thus producing the cast distance. For more technical information on this with diagrams and further explanations, please feel free to email Mike and he will send you a fact sheet –

The Salmon [&] Trout Association are game anglers influencing national decision makers over the management and protection of salmon, trout and sea trout, the conservation of water and the diverse environments upon which all aquatic life depends. They have a very strong scientific panel that back-up all their recommendations and advice with factual evidence. Salmonoids suffer from man-made influences and the Salmon and Trout Association are advisors to the Environment Agency on issues such as Abstraction, diffuse pollution, sedimentation, alien species and global warming. They work hard to improve the habitat of our rivers for aquatic life, which in turn pleases our surveyors as the river is their habitat too!

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