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The Horsbere Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) emerged as a response to the severe flash flooding that affected 350 homes in south Gloucestershire in 2007. By 2011, the completion of the Horsbere FAS involved excavating 120,000 cubic meters of earth to establish a new water storage pond and embankment. Engineered to offer protection against flooding the scheme operates by diverting excess water from Horsbere Brook into the storage area during heightened flow, gradually releasing it back into the brook as river flow decreases.

In 2014, management of the site transitioned to the Gloucestershire City Council, designating it as a community nature reserve in collaboration with the Environment Agency for the benefit of both people and wildlife. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of volunteers and the “Friends of Horsbere”, the site now spans 50 acres, serving as a flourishing #habitat for #biodiversity.

Since the implementation of the FAS, Storm Geomatics has conducted annual assessments to monitor the embankment’s integrity and the surrounding area. Monitoring pins, strategically placed during construction are tracked through precise GNSS coordinates and levelling. Data enables in-depth analysis of the site’s overall functionality. This data is crucial for assessing the holding pond’s capacity to contain the required 170,000 cubic meters of floodwater and informs future management decisions. The survey in November 2023 was carried out by our Southwest team.

Combining two types of survey method to achieve high quality data for a comprehensive topographic survey, Storm combined their Remotely Piloted Aircraft Service (RPAS) experts alongside a team of surveyors using traditional survey methods at a project in Gleaston. RPA LiDAR technology was used to cover the vast open areas efficiently and using traditional topographic survey methods in vegetated areas for better level accuracy. The final goal was to amalgamate data from these varied survey methods to generate a combined topographic result. You can read our case study here.

torm’s newest trainee surveyors Jamie Phillips and Taylor Wilson completed their #RYA Powerboat level 2 training under the guidance of Bristol Maritime Ltd. This vital training is part of a comprehensive safety training plan ALL our surveyors undertake.

Safety is always the main priority, however this specific training also helps Storm deliver more simultaneous projects by producing river pilots for Storm’s fleet of four survey vessels, skilled pilots also improve productivity and therefore create extra value for clients. Having multiple boat pilots is not a normal resource when using a general surveying practice as they often don’t have the training or expertise of working in rivers. You can read how both trainees are progressing via their LinkedIn profiles, explaining Storm’s approach to creating the future geospatial river surveyors.

Five intrepid #Movember warriors undertook the challenge of raising awareness and funds of men’s mental health with their moustache efforts in November. A combination of exercise and resisting the shave led to a phenomenal total of £922 being raised. Great work from Samuel Middlecote, Matt Maddalena , Tom Isaac , William Shanks and Paul Nicholls . Movember Warriors #StormMo

As winter sets in Storm’s teams head towards the #Christmas break with a huge variety of projects across the UK. A #collaboration with a valued client is pending and we are excited to share a webinar jointly hosted by Storm Geomatics and Aegaea Limited taking place on January 25, 2024 – not to be missed if you are ever needing to procure a Flood Risk Assessment. Register here.

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We wish you all a very Happy Christmas. 🎄🤶⛄

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