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Storm make a splash at White Water Training Centre


September brought a lot of laughs, sunshine and everyone at Storm getting wet![nbsp] All the surveyors completed their Water Awareness and First Responses course in Leicester’s Nene White Water Training Centre.[nbsp] This is an important part of their training, meaning that if any of the staff on site got into a tricky situation, they are all trained on how to safely get out of the water.[nbsp] Although this course has a very serious reason for doing it, it was a great day out and much fun was had by everyone who took part.

The morning started with a classroom session.[nbsp] They were taught about the dangers that lie on the river bank from infections to discarded sharps, then viewed videos that showed the sheer strength of the water and how to get out of potentially dangerous situations. [nbsp]At Storm, if surveyors don’t feel confident about going in the water due to high water levels, they don’t, there is always bank work to complete or if the situation is extremely dangerous there is always another day.[nbsp] Our clients are always kept up to date on these situations.

The afternoon was when the fun started![nbsp] Everyone was kitted up into dry suits, helmets and a mixture of buoyancy aids and life jackets to take to the water. [nbsp]They practised skills such as using throw lines, working as a team to walk across a strong flowing channel, rescuing a person who has been washed away in strong water and how to safely be carried away by the water. [nbsp]This was a valuable learning experience. [nbsp]Hopefully none of them will ever need to use this training but it is really reassuring to know they have done it.[nbsp] Everyone passed the course, and came away with smiles on their faces. [nbsp]Normally when surveying the team try and do everything they can to prevent getting wet, so it was rather fun for once getting into the water intentionally!

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