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As the days of December move towards the shortest day of the year, our survey teams have to plan their work meticulously to optimize their productivity in the field. Storm Geomatics were awarded a project to survey over four hundred property threshold levels in Cambridgeshire – provided it was done within a very tight timescale. Storm Geomatics have an in-house software system that captures property threshold data quickly and efficiently and minimises data transposition errors. The survey was completed on time and within budget – but not without the use of darkness to capture static GPS observations.

Storm Geomatics Limited won a very competitive tender to carry out a large amount of work on a series of lakes at the Cotswold Water Park near Cricklade, Wiltshire. The survey was to investigate and measure the relationship of lakes in terms of water levels and connections. This would give a clear understanding of how the system as a whole works and better understand how the lakes might react in a flood situation. There seems to be a shortage of water in and around the lakes at the moment as bare mud is exposed around the margins of the lakes and the River Thames is almost dry! It is difficult to comprehend this as four years ago the whole place was under water!

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