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National Water Hygiene Scheme (NWHS)


Storm Geomatics Limited has announced certification of its staff under the National Water Hygiene Scheme (NWHS). The National Water Hygiene Scheme (NWHS) was created in January 2006 for the UK drinking water industry and all company field staff have now received training and certification under the scheme that will enable them to work on the new contracts. The National Water Hygiene Scheme was devised by Water UK and Energy and Utility Skills in partnership with the UK water industry. Mike Hopkins, Managing Director at Storm Geomatics, comments: “The emphasis of the scheme is to promote individual responsibility within the water industry to protect public health. We are delighted to announce our key survey staff are now competent in this important area and in the future we will be seeking more potable water projects. Peter Bradley, trainer for the national water hygiene scheme of Achieve Safety Ltd, comments: This Company is leading the way in following best practices and ensuring that their employees follow hygienic practices in the water industry. It was apparent that they are keen to promote the best practices that create improvements in safety of the water supply.

Storm Geomatics Ltd have increased their workforce recently and invested in relevant training in a further move to achieve thier goal of becoming the No. 1 provider of survey data to the water industry. The expansion scheme has enabled the company to enter larger tenders, safe in the knowledge that they now have the capacity to deliver such projects. Here is one of our new recruits (Simon “Bover” Hopkins) getting to grips with a smartpole system on one of the best surveying days in terms of weather we have had in 2013 – lets hope we have a few more of those!

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