Laser Scanning

Storm Geomatics Limited have tried a variety of laser scanners over recent years and realised that this technology is moving fast and each scanner has its particular advantages in different situations. Scanning from mobile platforms is becoming increasingly popular as the deliverables are visual and they bring geo-referenced data into context, like the example of the River Parrett above.

Any object, structure or landscape can be scanned and presented as a point cloud or broken down into more traditional survey data such as drawings or digital terrain models (DTM). If you have a requirement to produce 3D DTMs or solid models of structures such as bridges then please get in touch. We will deploy the right people and the right equipment to get your job done and work with you going forwards on creating the data you need for your project.

Specifications for laser scanning instruments and tasks vary hugely. Clearly define the purpose of your survey to your surveyor and you will get the accuracy and resolution of data you need for your project.