Railway Surveys

Storm Geomatics Limited have the distinctive accreditation of Achilles RISQS via audit. This means that we are able to carry out railway surveys “trackside” under our own sponsorship. We have a number of survey teams that hold Personal Track Safety (PTS) certificates enabling them to access the track under supervision. Surveyors have a good understanding of the safety procedures and parameters when working in this high risk environment. All teams are kitted out with the very best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help maintain high concentration levels in difficult conditions – often at night under a track possession.

Using our 1" multi station instrument, surveyors can very accurately carry out full topographical surveys within Network Rail boundaries identifying and locating trackside equipment and features. Our surveyors can also obtain cant and gauge measurements using an Amberg Tolley or rail foot and wheel. Drainage surveys can be completed which provide full details of manhole chambers such as pipe sizes and levels which is essential for any railway drainage design. Cross sections through the track corridor can be measured and plotted. We are quite unique in that we have all the rail qualifications and also are trained to work in water, this comes in very handy if you are looking for a RISQs accredited company to survey rail crossings over water.

Time is precious when surveying on the railway – make sure the scope of work accurately describes your measurement needs and your survey team fully understand what is required – they often only get one go at it and sometimes this is in the dark.